“…a brilliant, budding performer of characters.”
-The Daily Californian
“Edna can evoke the depths of pathos with a sudden look.”
-Steven Gray, poet
“social activism, performance art and comedy”
-SF TheaterPub
“Edna is a one-person kaleidoscope into the basic elements of being a modern day human.”
-Steven Alan Green, comedian


Edna Mira Raia is a characterress, physical performer and devoted dreamer with a cartoon face and a proclivity toward the dark and comical side of the human condition. As a graduate of USF’s Performing Arts & Social Justice department, Edna felt the weight of the world on her shoulders and sought comfort in the arms of clowns and mimes at the late physical conservatory, Flying Actor Studio, training primarily under James Donlon & Leonard Pitt. Through her experience in neo-classical clowning, Edna has crafted relatable character after relatable character. Her monologues tip audiences beyond their comfort zone to discover raw truths and establish deeper connections between the weird, the quirky and the normal person alike. Edna has been a resident artist in San Francisco theaters for ten years and has written, directed, produced, sound designed and performed in six major shows and has started two sketch comedy troupes with the aim to broaden perspective of social norms. Her latest troupe, The Rub, headlined in SF Sketchfest in 2017. She currently also performs with street theater group, The Trump Dis-Organization and has been a repeat guest for local troupe, Naked Empire Bouffon Theater Company.

Perhaps not in our current state of pesticide-ridden landscapes do we find potatoes that sprout from neutral, natural ground, but let us assume the potatoes in this story grow in clean soil. Once they are picked, shipped, tossed, bruised, bought, washed, peeled, buttered, salted and mashed for consumption, they aren’t quite the same potatoes, are they?–the same goes for people. We think we are born in neutral states, but we have no control over many scenarios life throws our way. In the process of growing up in a tainted environment, unique personalities are formed. We move around, develop quirks, eccentricities, skewed perspectives, are occasionally bruised and ultimately damaged. Potatoes Mashed Comedy pushes past common stereotypes to deepen people’s understandings of how humans connect in the same false sense of neutrality.