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EDNA limps through 2024

Hey friends! Hope you had a sexy Easter.

Due to my ankle injury from last April, I haven't been able to be in many shows, but luckily, I found some sketch and play writing gigs that are helping me stay off my feet. (drawing of Edna w/wig by Jeffrey Lance)

That doesn't mean I'm not performing; just less. With that said, I have some fun shows coming up! Mark your calendars for April and May, starting this weekend -

THIS SUNDAY, April 7th at 7 PM - Yaas And! & Drunk Drag Snatch Game!

I'm in a drag homage to 'Whose Line is it Anyway' and Rupaul's Snatch Game (version of Match Game) at Oasis!

I'm stoked for this because it combines my skills in improv and character acting and I get to perform with other amazing drag performers. It's one night only and won't be streamed so please come!

NEXT WEEK, Apr. 12-14th at 10 PM - Murder at Buck's Motor Lodge - a 1960s Drag Mystery

Next weekend come see my ROSS drag family start our own partially improvised murder mystery series at Eclectic Box! Different murder every night! Buy your tickets HERE!

THIS MONTH: Weekends, April 12th - 27th at 7 PM - Awesome High

This is the show I co-wrote on so I'm not in it, but please go support my writing at Eclectic Box! (Yes, the first weekend is the same as my drag family's show, but this one is earlier and my family's show is later.)

May 3rd from 8 PM to 2 AM - MONDO WONKY Into the Wonkyverse - A costume party!

I'm sure you've read or heard about the Scottish A.I. Wonka party disaster last month . . .

Well, we're making up for it here in San Francisco! Scott Levkoff of The Mystic Midway is opening up a can of imagination at 888 Marin street on May 3rd from 8p to 2a!

It will be part immersive game, part rave, with candy, and original & A.I. characters abound! Bring your costumes and your friends!

(Video gif by Stefan Gosiewski)

The last thing I've been working on is sadly confidential, but it's definitely going in my résumé because I'm head writer for it and about 3,000 people are going to see it this summer! I've also been part of the casting process and will assistant direct. Sadly, I might not be able to see it myself, due to my ankle issues. Anyway, I'm proud!

If you missed the parody of 9 to 5 at Oasis, you missed one of the best shows I was ever in! What a blast that was, and fucking A, what a CAST! Evidence below.

Fresno's Rogue festival in early March was super fun; I watched and met some great solo artists, spent time with adorable animals and made a ton of people cackle with our 'Brother Love's Goodtime Gospel Hour' show. To close out our two weekend run, we performed at the Church of Clown in SF for the second time. Our new content landed really well and I can't wait to take it to Edmonton Fringe in August!

I did a stand-up show at The Eagle last week and I tried some new material. I'm always pleasantly surprised when people laugh at my dark jokes.

Onward! Hope to see you soonsies,
Edna Mira Raia

9 to 5 photos by Issy Virasayachack (Cast member, Vern, missing from these pics)

Me & Noam (Sister Alice & Brother Love)

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