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The Performer Self for Non-Actors (3 virtual classes) Duo or Solo

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Acting fundamentals from vocal warm-ups to improvisation, these classes will help build confidence in dialogue, teach the importance of facial expression and physical posture to engage an audience with your best performative persona.

(3 classes, 1.5 hrs, 2 participants max)

$500/ package

Scheduling will take place via email.

Before a non-performer can be comfortable expressing their ‘performative’ voice, they have to be comfortable in their body, as one informs the other. Physical improvisation techniques presented under low pressure games help to build alertness while performing.

Vocal warm-ups, breathing exercises and practice with varied vocal affectations, rooted in comedy, can train vocal muscles to be clear and entertaining. These classes are based in improvisation and theatre and are intended to break through the shy shell of the average non-performer.

As a teaching artist, Edna Mira Raia is wise to the challenges of prompting non-performers to act. Using physical performance methods and more recent Zoom experiences, she has cultivated an efficient package of three sessions that include vocal exercises to strengthen verbal expression, physical games to build body awareness and lastly, cold reads and conversations to test the participants’ progress. These activities are designed to be low risk and appropriate for first time performers.

  • I use the first class to shake a non-performer’s nerves.
  • I use the second class to establish a safe place to play and fail.
  • And I use the third class to expand on a performance persona.
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