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Dark Comic  Writer  Characterress
Connecting Strangers through Comedy

Representing strangers through humor so that audiences can see strength in people of different backgrounds, assert kindness and bolster justice across races, classes and cultures.

Perhaps not in our current state of pesticide-ridden landscapes do we find potatoes that sprout from neutral, natural ground, but let us assume the potatoes in this story grow in clean soil. Once they are picked, shipped, tossed, bruised, bought, washed, peeled, buttered, salted and mashed for consumption, they aren’t quite the same potatoes, are they?

The same goes for people. We think we are born in neutral states, but we have no control over many scenarios life throws our way. As we grow up in tainted environments, unique personalities are formed. We move around, develop quirks, eccentricities, skewed perspectives, are occasionally bruised and ultimately damaged. Potatoes Mashed Comedy seeks to deepen people’s understandings of others, by pushing past the stereotypes.


"...a brilliant, budding performer of characters."

-The Daily Californian

"Edna Raia is Andy Kaufman reincarnated!"

-Michael Sommers, Sense8 actor

"social activism, performance art and comedy"

-SF TheaterPub

"social activism, performance art and comedy"

-SF TheaterPub

"Edna is a one-person kaleidoscope into the basic elements of being a modern day human."

-Steven Alan Green, comedian

"Edna can evoke the depths of pathos with a sudden look."

-Steven Gray, poet

"Edna is a gifted comedian but also, and at the same time, a message performer. . .masterful."

-Michael Roach, audience member

"there were moments when I was getting serious Lily Tomlin vibes."

-sf fringe audience member

"Edna is dynamic and fearless. Her characters are varied and complex and completely engaging. She is charismatic and definitely has star power. ."

-Jeremey, audience member

"People asked me “Who is Edna like?” First answer – no one! Second answer Rachel Rosenthal. Edna and Rachel cross thresholds that some people would be afraid that if they crossed them they would never come back."

-Denise dee, performer

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