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The Beginning Performer (1 virtual class) Solo

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A quick rundown of techniques to find your performer persona, including vocal warm-ups, facial and physical engagement and mock scenarios catered to your presentation goals to help build your confidence in dialogue exchange or solo work.

(1 hr)

$100/ class

Scheduling will take place via email.

Non-performers tend to find themselves stuck in a casual speaking voice and lax posture. Under pressure, their vocal chords can tense up or their face can freeze and expressions can appear flat, none of which lends itself to engaging digital or in-person performance. How can a non-performer tap into their ‘performative self?’ In performance, we seek an activated speaking voice, facial awareness and a specific attention to physicality.

As a teaching artist, Edna Mira Raia is wise to the challenges of prompting non-performers to act. Using physical performance methods and more recent Zoom experiences, she has cultivated a quick class that includes vocal exercises to strengthen verbal expression, physical games to build body awareness and lastly, cold reads and conversations to test the participants’ progress. These activities are designed to be low risk and appropriate for first time performers.

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