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EDNA bends into the New Year!

Heyyyyyyy! Wow, what a year it's been. It was my first year fully doing art for a living. First few months were full of panic attacks, but around June I started trusting the universe to drop things in my lap. It has worked!

So of course for December I'm taking a much needed break.


HERE'S ALL THE ART I'M ABOUT TO EMBARK ON/ emb-ART on, starting with:

PALACE OF TRASH TURNS 5! It's our anniversary show. Our lineage is of The Cockettes, for those not in the know. We usually celebrate our birthday with a show called Oh My Goddess, but we are all horror buffs so this year, we're continuing the Halloween vibes with

DARK GODDESS at 7 PM, this Friday, December 9th at OASIS!

Get your tickets in advance! We keep selling out shows.

It's a 2 hour show with an intermission, by the way.

And it's only $20!

This Sunday, I'm in two other drag shows, courtesy of my drag mama, Polly Amber Ross.

First at 2 PM on December 11th at Midnight Sun, come see a drag competition in the theme of Lady Gaga. It's POLLY'S FOLLIES, which happens every 2nd Sunday.

Get your tickets HERE! I'll be performing one number, not part of the competition.

That night, December 11th, I'll be in CREATOR, a queer art exhibit from 5-10 PM.

Drag show at 9 PM, featuring my drag family, House of Ross at POWERHOUSE on Folsom!

The following week I'll be doing some side hustling, selling candy and cigarettes in the

TWILIGHT ZONE parody series live onstage for ANOTHER HOLE IN THE HEAD ENTERTAINMENT at STAGEWERX on December 14th & 15th at 7 PM.

Matt Haze brings IT'S A JEWISH XMAS back!!! All Christmas orphans are welcome. The festivities begin at 6 PM with Jewish movies, stand-ups, burlesque acts, clowning, Chinese food, much needed therapy, live klezmer music and as always, strip dreidel! Dance party around 10 PM. Regina can't make it out this year, so your hosts for the evening are Mia de la Haye & Sal Pickel, (Regina's son!)

December 25th, 6 PM - 12 AM at The Makeout Room!

On Thursday, December 28th at 10 PM, come see the MONSTER DRAG SHOW at The Edge in the Castro!

The theme is Satan so it will be fiendish and salacious! We're all performing two numbers so you get twice the fun!

On New Year's Eve, I'll be performing a 20 minute solo show as a beloved cartoon character in a private room at club Monarch on 6th street in SOMA!

December 31st

at 10 PM

I'll be performing twice that night between 10 PM and 12:30 AM.

All VIPs get access; otherwise, buy a ticket and sign up for the room/table reservations by emailing:

On Saturday, January 7th, 2023 at 10 PM - check out the ongoing weekend show, Princess at OASIS! I've performed there as part of my drag troupe, Palace of Trash, but never by myself so it's my solo debut, bitches! Tater Tot will be rocking the FRESH FACES show. Come through and throw your dolla dolla billz at me!

Tickets can be found HERE and it's only $10! :)

Lastly, on January 15th, 2023 my clown improv troupe, Cirque Oui Et is performing again at StageWerx on Valencia at 7 PM!

When those run out, here are regularly priced tickets:

What I've been up to:

The Midway Spirit Carnival on the grounds of the Winchester Mystery House was worth all the hard work Scott Levkoff and the whole crew put into it. Madame Nightshade and her cast of roaming characters, variety acts and sideshow performers put a lot of smiles on faces, young and old. I was so happy to have the opportunity to co-produce and direct, sound design and hire talent and especially to perform a creepy character in a wholesome space. And the haunted house was really cool too! I hope we get to do it again!

I met some really talented young adults on the production of

"In the Blood" by Susan Lori-Parks, which I Assistant Directed with Paul Flores at the University of San Francisco.

I look forward to seeing them out in the theatre scene in the coming years.

It was challenging at times, learning to communicate with this new generation, but ultimately it was a joy to work with them all and it was a growth experience, which I believe benefitted my directing skills.

I co-led a queer improv workshop with Eisa Al-Shamma, one of my improv colleagues from our Cirque Oui-Et troupe called "Come As You Are." It was a two day intensive for beginner and intermediate improvisers. They grew sooo much in two days! I assisted with improv but also taught them clowning skills to help them with character building.

Their show on the second day came on the back of the Colorado shooting in a queer bar so we spent the morning mourning together and their show was impressive! So freaking funny. Eisa and I were beyond proud. I hope all of those performers continue to work together and make hilarious comedy.

I have a drag child! Welcome baby it, Oblivia Tot!

I said goodbye to The Exit Theatre on Eddy street, performing one last time at Stuart Bousel's "Adventures in Place" and also attending the closing party in the last few weeks.

I am so grateful for the effort that Christina Augello and the whole Exit Theatre crew gave to our little SF community. That place was special and was the birthplace of my solo work. Be sure to support The Exit space on Taylor next to Cutting Ball and the new Exit in Arcata, CA!

Nike got new pain meds and he's doing great! AND I STARTED CONTORTION classes with Ash Rex!

That's the catch-up! Happy end of your year!


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