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Hey all, I'm anticipating the election, same as you, with zero expectations. This lady has had enough disappointment in the last few years. Since my last blog, I've lost 4 more friends. :/ You probably think I'm making it up at this point and I wish I was. I've been to several memorials, even planned one last weekend. Pretty intense days, especially when the memorials fall on the same date! In no particular order, they were Ray, Kevin, Mikl, JT:


I've been performing in CLUB CLOSED, for The Great Northern, one of San Francisco's nightclubs gone digital. Tonight (Friday) I'm showcasing my character, Hillary. (some of you may know her from 10 yrs ago; she always has something to say)

It streams at 7 PM and at 9 PM Pacific Time and features dis, bands, offbeat local commercials and comedy. I'm also in a show next Friday and the Friday after that and a few more through December. Basically, I'm helping book talent so I'm featured every time. If there's a Club Closed happening, I'll be in the show. :) So tune in! Tickets on the website:

Last week, I performed that same character, Hillary, in Tourettes without Regrets, (online) as a last minute fill-in for a slam competition and I won! (My line is the red one).

I had a new video come out this month for a drag show I was in on Twitch's mediameltdown. Here it is:

The theme of the show was ArtHaus films so I chose some artsy horror films dear to my heart and my internal theme ended up being cultism. My main picture above is from it too. Enjoy!

I've learned some new ukulele songs, I am working on more drag videos, which you'll see if you subscribe to my YouTube channel or if you watch Club Closed in coming weeks. I was featured in a Princess CreamPie video here and am trying to collaborate more with her.

Noam Osband and I are collaborating on a couple of music videos as well. I'm still periodically recording VoiceOver for that science fiction podcast, I/O I mentioned before.

I didn't get either grant I applied for this spring or summer so EWWW. I am beginning to think I'm not cool enough for representation. But the content won't stop, don't worry!

Cheers to a fair election, with an outcome that renders positive results for our planet, our animals and mothers and children at the border. Have a safe Halloween and Día de los Muertos! Oh, and more more thing - please don't die. <3 peace, Edna

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