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EDNA declares 2020 CLOSED!!! It's a wrap...

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Hey friends and fans! This shit is so close to being over. Yayyyyy

LAST TIME...we were getting ready to fire the orange man.

In the home stretch to the election, Tater Tatas performed a Gwen Stefani drag number at Club Closed, protesting our "Tragic Kingdom."

AND WE FIRED HIM! Tater Tatas had to honor our new President-elect Joe Biden with a song at Club Closed on his birthday November 20th. 78 never looked so good! YASS DADDY, PAY ME.

These videos were so fun to make! To enjoy more, check out my drag playlist on my YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE to get the updates when I post more. Feel free to like any videos that tickle your pickle.

I also performed with my drag mama at a sidewalk birthday drag show in the Haight. There was some mother loving, a dick in a box surprise and super safe dick cheese sucking! Birthday girl had fun, trust me.

I had a new stand-up set up on Club Closed last weekend. I performed it on the street first to test it out. Indoors was warmer but without an audience laughing it was definitely weird. Stand-up in the age of COVID is not a highlight. But people laughed virtually so...?

It's not up yet but it should be at some point. To watch old episodes, go to


I'm a character in the Sci-Fi podcast, I/O that premieres today, December 1st.

Listen on Apple podcast or Spotify.

Bitch, I'm famous now. Didn't you hear!?

Revive the Night (a benefit for several clubs and venues) is this weekend from Thursday - Sunday! I have personal connections at these places. You may know I used to bartend at F8 and dance to drum n bass there every Sunday, I used to bartend at 1015 Folsom & Public Works and I've performed at The Stud & The Great Northern. I also know Mike Bee who owns Vinyl Dreams. So this is near and dear to my heart. It's is a benefit for my musical and drag homes.

I co-hosted the section at The Great Northern for Saturday night ( 6-10 PM). We're showing the best of all Club Closed. But feel free to tune in starting Thursday. Click here for the full schedule on FB.

And the website will be updated soon HERE:

I'm performing a new take on an old character in Tourettes without Regrets this Thursday, December 3rd at 7 PM.

Tune in to find out who!

And speaking of old characters, Hillary will be appearing at Club Closed and the awesome metal band,

Death Angel on Saturday, December 19th at 8 PM and again on Sunday, December 20th at 12 PM, pacific time. She'll have more heartfelt rants about life as a metal loving Goth teen.

There will also be a Club Closed on Friday, December 18th at 7 & 10 PM but I don't know what I'll be doing for that yet. We'll see!

For my last trick, I'll be joining Bow & Arrow Circus in an online benefit for Mycelium Youth Network with a new drag piece about nature! It's called Green Winter and it's on Thursday, Friday & Saturday (December 17th-19th) at 7 PM. Watch for the link here:

With that, I bid you fuckin adieu 'cuz this lady is taking a break through the rest of the year.

You read it here first, yo! EDNA IS TAKING A BREAK! That means...don't ask me to do anything for Xmas. I'm going to be an observer only. "Regina" will not be hosting anything for Jewish Xmas at The Makeout. She'll be chillin, drinking Mannechewitz fruit wine and eating Chinese food from wherever's open that night. So enjoy yourselves. Take off that giant chip on your shoulder from 2020, have some solo sex and take a freakin bubble bath.

You deserve it! :) byyyyeeeeeee, Edna

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