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EDNA RAIN - Full Splash Ahead!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Hey y'all! I am gearing up for a wild re-opening of my performance life!

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed but as always, I'll figure it out.

Firstly, if you missed my solo show on my birthday last month, you can catch the intro video, "EDNA TURNS 35!" newly edited, at 10:30 AM PT tomorrow morning (Mon, March 14th) on my channel. So you'll have to subscribe!

I'm so thankful I was able to pull that video off so fast. For those of you who don't know, I made a birthday freak-out video when I turned 30 and it took me a year to complete because of editing fatigue and other procrastination stories. This time it took me 3 days to film, 1.5 days to edit and only 1 month to re-edit! hahaha. Thanks to Andrew Gabriel Rose for the cinematography and Noam Osband for the editing my sound; your eyes and ears will thank you!

Cool News:


More exciting news!

I was one of four project proposals accepted at my undergrad school, University of San Francisco, for the Performing Arts & Social Justice program's 20th anniversary! My project entails collaboratively writing sketch comedy about the program's selected theme of 'breath.' It was night one last month that I realized it's collaborative, but I'm definitely leading, 'cuz I've been writing sketch comedy for eight years. So I decided, I'm a teacher! TA-DA!

Now I'm working on building curriculum for an online class; stay tuned for info on that class and next month I'll send you info on the PASJ anniversary show so you can see what my students created!

ALSO . . .

I finished a VoiceOver project for Whispp, a new Dutch app to help people who stutter translate their whispers into audible language. Because people who stutter don't do it when they're whispering, it turns out. Neat, huh?! That was really cool to be a part of.

I'm in an upcoming short horror film by Warhol Kaufman called "The Pancake Motel" I'm stoked about; details on that to come!

The band's back together from January 2019's Edna in a Bottle! Guinevere Q. recently called me and Jon Deline and James Green up and said, I have an idea, and we've been writing a quarantine education special to film! YAY.

Also, that character in the picture is new; his name is Claude, a Frenchman looking for love and vaccines. I performed him at The Kickback show recently.

I have an audition for a play this week and I've also been asked to participate in Peaches Christ's Easter Haunted House at The Mint. I can't do everything so we'll see how the cookie crumbles, hopefully most of it lands in my mouth 'cuz I've gotta feed myself!

I'm learning ASL! I'm still working occasionally on my metal scream though it's fallen to the bottom of the list.

I've applied for a few summer internships in television, hoping I'll get something that will lead me to bigger writing opportunities.

The Oasis had a benefit telethon last weekend and raised over $250K to save the space so we're not losing another legendary venue in the city. Phew! Lots of good news all around.

OH I've been loading up my TikTok lately. I'll put more characters up soon. Some of them are from shows you've never seen called "Special Moments with Stevie D." Check them out here:

Happy rain season! I hope you spring forward in your life like our time just did and that the month rains good fortune all over your face! MUAH


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