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EDNA's Buzz

Holler! It's SpringTime and I'm buzzing from blossom to blossom. I'm grateful to be a busy bee this time of year! Here's what's upcoming!

This coming weekend I'm opening a show at Cutting Ball in the TL, through In the Margin theater company. The show is called "Exhaustion Arroyo." It's a bilingual show and it's all about mushrooms! Previews are the week of the 13th, but the regular run begins the following week.

April 20th - May 21st

Thurs - Sat 8 PM / Sun 2 PM

That Sunday morning I'm also getting up super early (for me) to narrate another children's dance recital at Dance Mission. (I did it last year and didn't tell you about it 'cuz I knew you'd all bust out the popcorn. I don't interact with them so it's very easy. lol) This year I'm reading a story all about INSECTS - my favorite, written by Fredrika Keefer & Bianca Mendoza. It's for the parents so I'm not inviting you, just mentioning it.

Theennnn on April 16th, my improv clown troupe, Cirque Oui Et, will have our quarterly long-form show at StageWerx theater in the Mission!

If you've missed our shows the last year, you should try to make this one!

It's the first we've curated where th cast are are the only special guests! I'll be trying my new standup routine.

Believe it or not, I have one more show this month! It's on April 26th. Stand-up again!

Wonder Dave's new show, Safe Words at SF Eagle. This is the third installment and I'm stoked to be on the line-up! Tickets HERE!

And in case you missed our closing PianoFight show, Edna in a Bottle, here are some shots from the event. It was a blast and I was so grateful to have such a stellar cast join me onstage one last time.

Happy April, y'all!


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