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Hey y'all! Been a hot minute. No time to explain! I'm exhausted and it's for very good reason. I'm currently juggling various theatre projects! Yay, art that payS$$$$!

First the biggest news - This year I am co-producing a show with Scott Levkoff of the Mystic Midway at the Winchester Mystery House for Halloween season! Scott has really created quite the spectacle and I've had the privilege of helping see it through!

Opening Night is TONIGHT! There are three shows per night at 6:30, 9:00 and 10:30 PM.

'Madame Nightshade' brings you a midway carnival outside the house, in which I'm performing alongside many talented cast members that I brought on board for this run.

We have sideshow performers and some variety acts as well. And I sound designed it! Tickets include the haunted house tour. (I also directed the haunt actors inside the house!)

Here's the FB event page.

I have also been assistant directing actors for Paul Flores at USF for a Susan Lori-Parks play entitled, "In the Blood." It's a very dark play but powerful and the students are really giving it their all. Shows run October 27th through 29th evenings at the Studio Theatre on Lone Mountain.

Last week Second City opened a virtual show I'm playing A TON of characters for and it was great! Our director is one of my SC teachers from Toronto. There are two weeks left of shows. Shows are at on Tuesdays at 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central time. Register here to catch it!

What else I've been up to:

I was a dramaturg for a short film turned play called "Dead in Love" by Nicole de Meneses that premiered in June at 3 Girls Theater! Congrats, Nicole!

I'm in a Sutter Health commercial being released soon. It was bittersweet to be there, since that's where my friend, Ellen Olson, was getting help to fight her cancer and we lost her this February. Sutter Health is my primary healthcare provider though and I trust them so far over every other hospital I've tried in the Bay. They really did go above and beyond for Ellen too, so I was happy to do this commercial.

I performed in the 26th annual Drag King Contest at Oasis and it was a really cool night. My crew didn't win but we had fun and the audience loved it. The number was celebrating immigrants. :)

I stage managed and sound tech'd "How to Catch a Karen" by Naked Empire Bouffon Co, written and performed solo by Sabrina Wenske, directed by Nathaniel Justiniano. And it won Best of SF Fringe! Fuck ya. Congrats, y'all!

I'm still doing figure modeling when I can. I really dig this one from a party at The New Farm recently, thrown by Thomasina DeMaio.


I got to the interview phase of a writing workshop for Warner Brothers/TBS/HBO and they said I was a finalist but I didn't get to go to NY this round. The letter was nice though. They said to apply next year and let them know I was a finalist. I cried all day because I was so close, but a couple of people ahead of me apparently had more experience. Catch 22. How will I get the experience without getting in? Ugh. Anyway, I was proud of myself because my John Oliver monologue rocked.

In Movie News . . .

* The horror movie I shot last year is coming out soon too at select theaters and streaming, not sure where yet. It's called, "Sinphony: A Clubhouse Horror Anthology."

* A short film I acted in called "How Not to be a Climate Activist" is premiering at The Roxie theatre on October 6th at 6:30 PM; info here:

* I play a nonbinary character named Devin in a short called "In-Convenience"and we're fundraising for the editing of the film this Sunday, October 2nd, from 5-8 PM at The Detour, on Market street in SF. I'll be there around 6:30 if you wanna come support queer art! Here's the link to the event.

* I played a milk prisoner in a short horror a few months back too; I don't know when that's being released.

I'm doing so many things at once, it's hard to keep track of everything so I'm sure I forgot stuff. Happy Halloween! Come get your fright on at Winchester Mystery House! *edna

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