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Edna in a Bottle flyer

Cult Sketch Comedy Hit - EDNA IN A BOTTLE 
Returns for the FINAL SHOWS at Pianofight.

SAN FRANCISCO - Edna Mira Raia's adult sketch comedy show, Edna in a Bottle, is resurfacing from the pandemic. Back by popular demand, at its PianoFight home, the cult hit is performing for 2 nights only on  the venue's closing weekend.


From its 2018 freshman shows at a the Bindery Bookstore on Haight to the sold out houses at PianoFight in 2020 (even streaming on Twitch in the pandemic years), Raia and her comic cohorts have created cartoonishly perceptive sketches filling audiences with rolling laughter and pondering ohs. The shows explore current trends, city realness and hilarious fantasies played out by audacious fools in our numbing urban existence.


Starring a cast of local funny people, this show's theme, "March of Opposites," takes us to an alternate reality where Counter 2 is actually Counter Z, an AMAB* claims pregnancy cravings, and Greta Thunberg is a supervillain. On the heels of multiple venue closures, EDNA IN A BOTTLE comically lampoons the uncertainty of San Francisco's theatre scene, questioning the surreal nature of our post-pandemic reality. It’s funny because it’s true.


From the homeless to the millionaires, the tourists and the natives, the moms and the Peter Pans, the queens, kings and quings, no one is spared from roasting. Just as captains go down with their ship, clowns go down with their car. Come fill Pianofight with its last laughs as we bravely march into the quicksand that is San Francisco’s art scene. WARNING: MATURE CONTENT


*assigned male at birth


March Features: Oscar Velarde, Fenner Merlick, Michael J. Astrauskas & Edna Mira Raia.


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