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2021 BITCHNAZZES! EDNA'S back with Birthday Shenanigans on the horizon!!!


Happy New Year! I have a better feeling about this one. My prediction: no deaths, no masks, rampant sex and artists moving back to the city.

Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to enjoy all the new online content I have been producing monthly!

Click the picture of Hillary below for my most recent episode, premiered last month for Death Angel's 7th annual Xmas concert.

The podcast I'm on is going strong. We had a cast party and I just recorded my scene in Episode 3, in which my character, "Makenna" takes a sharp turn, but it totally makes sense.

Listen on Apple podcast or Spotify.

I FINISHED MY VOICEOVER REELS! I'm excited for voice work in my future.

They're on my website here:

AND, I'm working hard on my birthday show...hope you can come!

Edna-Monologue Queen-turns 35!


Screening of Edna’s award-winning solo show, ALTARS FOR MY ALTERS - a psychological tour of flawed personalities by an insightfully crafted comic. Audiences called it, "THOUGHT-PROVOKING, QUIRKY & MASTERFUL!"


1 hour Zoom Birthday EP release dance party by drum n bass DJ Flaco with MC, Jay3m

Potatoes Mashed Comedy will present “ALTARS FOR MY ALTERS,” a bittersweet solo show, depicting the vulnerable sides of our modern world’s flawed stereotypes. Edna Mira Raia leads you deep into her bottomless hole of personas, through a proficiency in neo-classic clowning and a dreamy cartoon style that is uniquely hers. From Regina, the Jewish widow to Brian, the vagrant with DID, these characters tell believably intimate stories, hiding their pain behind a pitiful facade while relating to us through comedy. While having been compared to Lily Tomlin, Edna is more like the Anna Deveare Smith of clowns, incorporating morbid candor, innocence and fearlessness to provoke. She’ll nudge you towards empathy for the ‘tragic clown’ in everyone. Don’t miss her. Don’t miss any of the ‘hers.’ This solo show was received with rave reviews at both San Francisco Fringe Festival 2018 and Orlando Fringe Festival 2019.

Remounting this recorded show in quarantine via online streaming sites: Twitch and Youtube, Raia will bring her insightful character monologues to a broader internet audience for her birthday bash. Bookended by 2 new character performances to open and close the show.

Followed up by a Zoom dance party with a live Drum n Bass DJ Flaco and MC Jay3m to celebrate her last and next trip round the sun and DJ Flaco’s EP release of Metzger Park


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