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Edna performs 'Altars for my Alters' in SF Fringe!

Photo by RJ Muna, Flyer by Cameron Eng

EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy, SF, CA, 94102

Edna Mira Raia leads you deep into her bottomless hole of personas, through a proficiency in neo-classic clowning and a dreamy cartoon style that is uniquely hers. From Regina, the Jewish widow to Brian, the vagrant with DID, these characters tell believably intimate stories, hiding their pain behind a pitiful facade while relating to us through comedy. Edna is the Anna Deveare Smith of clowns. Her characters swirl in harmonious confusion as she (a self-declared “anthro-apologist”) makes you love them–maybe even envy them--in spite of their inherent–and oft regrettable–human flaws. Even when these personalities are unrefined like a Diane Arbus photograph, Edna nudges you towards empathy for the ‘tragic clown’ in everyone. Don’t miss her. Don’t miss any of the ‘hers.’


Tickets: available online at and at the door day-of-show, ($12)

For more information about the San Francisco Fringe Festival or EXIT Theatre, go to,

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