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EDNA's Draggin' Ass

Hey y'all! I've been busy doing some oddball secret shows lately and I can't talk about them, but I can tell you that within a three week span, I've played a wayward professor, a sewage goddess and a fitness queen in some site specific places, one of them in an actual sewer. Nobody else can say they did that and that's why I do these things, I suppose.

Take that, Columbus! Here are some updates, upcoming shows and recaps.


I'm in this drag competition this Pink Saturday! Come support. There's a cash prize for the top two lip-sync for your life performers at four but the show starts around 2 PM!

PALACE OF TRASH returns with our twice postponed show, MTV2 at SF's only Oasis on Friday, July 1st at 7 PM. Get your tickets HERE!

And for a fun preview, click HERE.

Not sure how long you've been following my comedy journey, but I've been in Twilight Zone parodies with the late Dark Room and The Exit theaters since 2013. This year I'm playing Rod Serling on Fri & Sat, July 8th & 9th!

Come see some twilight zone shit!

Buy your tickets HERE!

Sunday, July 17th I'm doing something really cool. I'll be performing in SFMoma's Free Community day, highlighting Diego Rivera's art! I'm performing at 2:30 PM on the 2nd floor of the Helen and Charles Schwab Hall.

Reserve your museum tickets HERE!

(When you reserve, only pick the GA ticket because the GA + Rivera exhibit are sold out).

I'm performing drag in the Monster Show again on Thursday, July 28th! This time the theme is "Summer of Love/Psychadelic Summer!" :D If you know me from my radio days, you know I'm obsessed with the 60s music era. I cannot wait!!!

Show is at 10:15 PM at The Edge in the Castro.

I'll also be performing drag in Puerto Vallarta the week prior. Gonna be so fun!


I was in a B52s drag show at Oasis.

I've been performing monthly with my long form clown improv troupe, Cirque Oui-Et at Stagewerx.

I played a punk anarchist unionizing people in a Bow & Arrow circus show at The SF Mime Troupe. I did drag at Polly's Follies at Midnight Sun as Courtney Love and pissed off an audience member. I performed with Palace of Trash in Oaklash Festival.

I dragged as Cat Woman on Free Comic Book Day at Milk Café on Valencia. I performed with Noam Osband in Fresno Fringe, as Sister Alice, in Brother Love's Gospel Hour and encouraged members of the congregation to do blow onstage with us.

I met Fayette Hauser of The famous Cockettes backstage at the annual Edwardian Ball! I'm the rabbit on the left, with Scott Levkoff and members of the famous Mystic Midway SF!

Fern made her grand return to drag at my drag mama's new show, "VALID DRAG" at Harvey's Bar every Monday night at 7 PM!

I played Cloacina, the Roman goddess of sewers, in an actual sewer for a secret event.

I played a dj professor at a secret party.

And a fitness instructor, in drag.

I won a Roku Comedy Network award for my series, Tater Sprouts, which you can find HERE! More to come, of course. Just a little distracted lately.

I submitted writing to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I'm about to submit writing for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for their cartoon episodic and to HBO's John Oliver show, among other things. Just practicing! Wish me luck.

That's all she wrote, for now. Yes, my pronouns are still she/her. Love you all! Hope to see you around at events. The world is opening up again like a wet vulva watching porn.

Keep laughing,

Edna "Tater Tatas"

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