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Edna's new YouTube series premiere: TATER SPROUTS!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Hey friends and fans! Hope your year is starting out spectacularly.

I have been hard at work, writing jokes and sketches, performing stand-up, finishing Second City Conservatory and joining a long-form improv clown troupe called Cirque Oui-Et! But before I get to all that . . .


I'm starting a new series on my YouTube Channel called "TATER SPROUTS!"

I'll be uploading more regular content, with all of my characters under one roof!

The premiere of the newest video is on Tuesday, March 15th, or 3/15

at 15:15 military time, or 3:15 PM Pacific Time! :)

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! I am trying to monetize the channel and I need 1,000 ppl.

Firstly, I want to give my respects to a beautiful light we lost last month, Ellen Olson. She was always smiling, even through two years of cancer treatments. I will always think of her when I'm ready to give up on anything because she was a fighter till the very end. May she turn into a beautiful animal next. Find her book that she wrote while going through chemo HERE!


I have nine shows this month and four next month! So exciting to get back onstage!

I graduated from SECOND CITY! We have four closing shows on Zoom. They're on the next four Mondays - March 7th (tomorrow), 14th, 21st & 28th, all at 4:30 PM Pacific Time. Use the same link to register for all of them HERE!

This weekend (Friday & Saturday) I'm in Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA with my dear friend and brilliant musician, Noam Osband. You might remember him from the Batman Eats Pussy video.

When I return, I'll be in a drag competition for the relaunch of POLLY'S FOLLIES, the brunch edition, at Midnight Sun in the Castro! Show is at 2 PM on Sunday, March 13th! $5 cover and don't forget your tip $$! Seating is limited so please RSVP at or you'll be watching from the sidelines.

On March 25th, I'm in the B-52s DRAG SHOW at Oasis! You may recognize all the people in that flyer from past Palace of Trash shows. It's gonna be a paaaaarrrdaaaaayyy!

On April 1st and 2nd, I'll be performing with the Mystic Midway at the EDWARDIAN BALL, in the last year of shows before the Regency Ballroom closes. For tickets, click the picture here:

On Sunday, April 3rd, PALACE OF TRASH returns with MTV 2 at Oasis!

The continuation of our MTV show over two years ago, come relive the magic of MTV and MTV2 when it was cool. . .and also when it wasn't.

Show at 7 PM


After the PoT show, I'll be rushing to get to the airport to fly to Chicago. Flight leaves around midnight and I arrive at 6 AM for my AUDITION at 10:30 AM for the Bob Curry Masters Program at SECOND CITY. Wish me luck!


My new long-form improv clown troupe, CIRQUE OUI-ET (Circus Yes-And) is planning something super special for their second show. We'll have improv, and guests and our own comedy throughout!

Sunday, April 10th at 7 PM

at Stagewerx Theatre on Valencia street!

Tickets HERE! (Last time they sold out!)

Other shows for next month I don't have info for yet so they'll have to wait for the next blog.

stuff you missed. . .

I've been occasionally hosting in character at SF Pawnshop restaurant/bar. Ask me when I'm working and come visit!

I've been doing stand-up! I went to LA in December and had a lovely time performing twice. Last weekend I performed at Milk Cafe on Valencia. I would like to do more but with all the shows I do, I can't find the time!

I played Cupid at a street party on Valentines weekend in the mission, wearing pasties and 6 pairs of Depends diapers. I ran around telling jokes in Spanish and English and shooting people with my bow & arrow.

It was fun until one guy picked me up and flipped me upside-down without my consent and another guy grabbed my throat out of nowhere. It was pretty re-traumatizing, but I've kind of moved past it. From now on, I will have a security guard when I'm nude on the street.

Speaking of diapers, I also played a baby with other Palace of Trash members for King MeatFlap's drag king competition at Oasis. I was murdered by a GWAR monster and MeatFlap won Most Creative award as well as 2nd fucking place!!!!! So proud.

I was a Production Assistant and a role on a short documentary shoot about global warming. I think it will be called "How Not to be a Climate Activist." It features my clown friend, Lars Adams, in 'normie' disguise. Here's a pic of him out of his element, holding a sign I made.

I got a Groundlings scholarship to take a couple of classes! That will be dope, whenever I find the time to do it.

I got a diversity scholarship to take one class with one of my favorite "Characters Welcome" comedian at Squirrel Theatre in NY. It's a Late Night Writers Room class. I'm so excited! Check out Michael Hartney on Characters Welcome!

I got a manager in LA! Her name is Christie Oar and she's repping me through Golden Artists Entertainment. Now I've got an agent and a manager. I've been auditioning a bit.

THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE, FOLKS! Happy whatever time of year this is!

Love for Laughter,


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