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EDNA's Spooped!

Hey y'all, I'm back. I haven't been posting much lately because I have suffered the greatest loss of my life, Nike. He would have turned 17 on Sept. 4th, but I lost him on Juneteenth.

It's been really hard on me, but the only thing that keeps me going is work so I'm working!

Here's what I'm working on in chronological order of happenings:

I'm doing stand-up at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland tomorrow night (Wednesday, 13th) @ 8 PM. It's a free show, but table reservations are $15. It's in the upstairs room at the bar.

Folsom Street Faire is coming up on Sept. 24th!

And my Palace of Trash crew is throwing a kinky clown party in Kissling Alley btw 11th & 12th!


I'm in a Muppet drag show on Sept. 25th at DNA lounge's upstairs space! It's going to be adorably hot! Tickets are $10 to $15.

And I cannot let you go without telling you what I've been up to for months. Scott Levkoff of The Mystic Midway and I have been co-producing, co-writing and co-directing the UNHINGED: HOUSEWARMING haunt at The Winchester Mystery House! It's my second year at the house and it doesn't get any less weird. I won't be performing it in this time, but it's going to be spoopy! A 1920s Gatsby-esque party on the front lawn, with a story that develops and you follow into the house. You should come, in costume for extra fun! VIPs get to see both tours. :) We open Sept. 22nd. BOOOOOOOO...

Another exciting play I'm in is the preview for a film I've been working on. The cast of "Welcome to Roswell" will be performing some improvised scenes in character at Brava Studio on October 21st at 7 PM!

To see the ticket announcement once they go on sale, subscribe HERE!

One last thing: the radio play, The Forever Wave, for which I voiced several characters, is going to be featured in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival AND the Melbourne Fringe Festival! So you can catch it via the QR codes below between now and Oct. 22nd!

Have a lovely Halloween and I hope to see you around!

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