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'4 months & a day of the Rona shit show' Newsletter!

Heya friends and funnybones!!! 

It's been too long; my bad. I got so busy with the shit show that is 2020, I put updates on the backburner, figuring you’d be okay without me for a while. 

Normal things I’ve been up to:

*organizing fundraisers for artists, *supporting drag shows, *watching a lot of comedy, *learning and beginning Voiceover, *learning a new editing software, *organizing #BLM protests, *attending protests, *volunteering for Homeless Youth Alliance, *calling our supervisors to pressure them to do the right things, *calling in for public comment during police commission meetings, *starting an investigation on a police sergeant I have beef with, *dating the wrong girls and getting crushed. . .you know, the usual stuff.

More loss

Jeffrey Tilmon, (a friend in the electronic music scene & co-worker) died in late March of complications from pneumonia and cancer. He was a shining star and he is missed.

Ryan Bozajian, (a friend who saved my life in one night, the man who turned my perspective upside-down with the most enlightening trip I’ve ever had, fell asleep at the wheel returning from a Mt. Shasta retreat in mid May.  

Where we left off:

RONA cancelled Edna in a Bottle: Real vs Fake edition at PianoFight in San Francisco - (who knew how real & fake this was gonna get.) 

Where we are now:

We scrapped that touchy-feely show and scripted new video sketches. They all premiere at our upcoming show: 


Thursday July 23rd - 8 PM, PST. Tickets: Free, $10 or Donation


Oscar Velarde, Jamin Jollo, Michael Astrauskas, Guest Stand-Up: Devi Kirsch

& guest videos by Genie Cartier, Ross Travis, Danny Dechi & Polly Amber Ross!


Creative Shit I’ve been up to:

This bitch joined Tik Tok with a series of life vignettes about life without a shower in SF but a home in STORY of my LIFE: NO SHOWER ...No Shower Series The kids don’t follow me because they think I’m not cool enough, but I would argue that I’m too cool.

Streaming adventures of Zoom & IGTV…

My first pandemic performance was a drag number in Tin Can Can, where Carmen Miranda crushed the patriarchy. No more aggression, no more gaslighting, no more abuse = no more drought.

I was in March Follies drag show by my drag mama, Polly Amber Ross. I summoned Fern Baker from the dead to yell at us.

I was also in April Showers by Polly again, featuring me, Tater Tatas, Raining Drag on you.

Then there was the Rebel Kings drag show - Tater Tot (me) & Melanie have an argument. Will it get resolved? Will it get sexy?

Then back to Tin Can Can drag variety show with Tater Tatas hot mustard for this number...

I made a new character from Georgia, commenting on the state’s early reopening, in Incivility’s works-in-progress show. I am going to keep working on this character and start a youtube series for her. 

Potatoes Mashed revived Edna in a Bottle's January show, Time Trek: the next generation on Mutiny Radio as a radio play (featuring Pam Benjamin, Kelly Johnson, Alvaro Solorzano & Miyaka Cochrane). Here is the link if you want the double do-over, never enough of a good thing! Spanx, Pam Benjamin and Mutiny Radio!!!

Ross Travis and I made this video about being an artist on unemployment. It’s part 1. Part 2 will come out in a couple of weeks. When you watch the video, don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Enjoy!

And speaking of YouTube channels, if you want to see videos as they come out, subscribe to mine too here: Potatoes Mashed Comedy

Remember to laugh at everything stupid!


Love 4 Laughter,

Edna Mira Raia

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