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Summer of EDNA!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Hear ye, hear ye, friendzies and fanzies! I FINALLY have shows up-coming!

This weekend is the final show for my UCB CHARACTER class! It streams

at 11:30 AM (Pacific time) this Sunday, September 26th.

Click above for the YouTube link.

The Terror Vault's yearly theatrical haunted house, run by Peaches Christ, IMMORTAL RECKONING, opens this Friday night, September 24th and runs through November 6th!

I will be scaring people on Wednesdays and most Fridays, occasional Saturdays and Sundays. Ask me if you want to coordinate on a night when I'm there.

$10 OFF for this weekend's shows with discount code: DEBUT

My UCB instructor, Hal Rudnick, invited me to be on his online SHOW called CHARACTER HOUSE next Wednesday, September 29th. The show is at 7 PM at this link:

On Saturday, October 23rd, I'm performing in a neighborhood tour called

HISTORY MATTERS IN THE MISSION, a traveling show about historical San Francisco revolutionaries. I'm performing as young Joan Holden, The SF Mime Troupe's first female playwright.

Directed by the talented Paul Flores.

My part will be at the first stop at Brava Theatre at 1 PM sharp. After that, one performance every hour on the hour till 6 PM.

Did I tell you I passed into the graduate program at Chicago's Second City? I DID!

Our next improv show is on Sunday, October 3rd at 4:30 PM (Pacific time) / 6:30 Central.

It's always a half hour show. Scripted shows to come, but I finally feel comfortable sharing classwork with the public.

Stuff of the Past:

I was a voice actor on I/O, an original science fiction story. I play the character, Makenna. And we just released the final episode last week! Listen to the whole season here:

It's hard to get people to vaccinate so I took an extreme measure recently on the street:

Here's my TIKTOK if you wanna see more character stuff. My friends say I don't update enough. You wanna be my marketing team? I'm only one person!!!!

My Palace of Trash drag crew had an amazing show at OASIS last month and we hope to post the video from the show in the coming months.




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1 Comment

Ken Shaw
Ken Shaw
Sep 25, 2021

Damn, Edna! I think about a year ago...and now...and WOW!!! So freakin' wonderful how it's going for you. I am proud of you. Shit's been rough. You are amazing!🐰

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